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After studying the site and the client’s requirements The Landscape Company will be involved in developing an eco-friendly master plan that best suits the site and project brief.  Developing a landscape concept will entail detailed studies, such as:

  • study of survey drawings and topography,
  • soils & climate,
  • native plant material,
  • case studies of similar projects, etc.

A presentation of the scheme that includes master plan, sketches, views, sections, etc. will help client better understand our concepts.  At this point, any suggestions and changes required will be incorporated.

The project will be divided into two major phases :

  • civil phase (Hard landscaping) and
  • horticultural phase (soft landscaping)

and we will detail it in a similar manner.

Our experience in developing master plans will help us understand the intricacies of a project.  Our competent team of landscape architects, architects, horticulturists will produce detail drawings that will be easily translated into reality by contractors chosen for the job. 

On completion of detail drawings the staff of The Landscape Company will estimate, prepare tender documents, assist the client in selection of contractors and supervise the completion of work at site.

Plant material such as trees, shrubs and groundcover will be chosen that best suits the climate and region and our horticultural experts will be involved in every decision of the arboriculture phase.


The Landscape Company can work with any reasonable budget that the client recommends for the project.  However, with our past experience we advise, that clients estimate at least between 5% to 10% of the architectural development cost towards landscape expenses.  This will give the project a healthy balance between built and natural forms with an aesthetic that will be unique. 

Landscape work will include pathways, driveways, sprinkler & irrigation systems, pergolas, gazebos & decks, lighting, arts & sculptures and of course plants.


On obtaining a work order, we will prepare drawings and concepts, and estimate.  After the client’s approval, the concepts will be detailed and the project will be tendered for execution.  Our scope of work will be: 

Developing landscape master plan
ACTION:  will involve studying various reports (given by the client) and its recommendations, conducting case-studies of other similar projects, studying and preparing master plan, meetings with other consultants, etc.
PRODUCT:  presentation – master plan, detail drawings, sketches, circulation plans, preliminary estimates for budgeting, time schedule

Changing concepts as required by client’s representative
ACTION:  incorporate all changes recommended at presentation listed in a)
PRODUCT:  Revised master plan, reports, revised estimates and time schedules, Final presentation

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Detail drawings for easy execution of our concepts
ACTION: will involve specialists such as irrigation experts, lighting experts, structural engineers, etc. detailing every space and drafting all designs by architects.  Horticulture drawings and plans to be developed.
PRODUCT: Extensive Detail Working drawing package for Civil Work
Detail Working drawing package of Horticultural Works
Lighting Layout
Irrigation plans (provided by Irrigation Consultant)

Preparation of bill of quantities
ACTION:  Prepare specification documents, interaction and drawings to estimators and project management consultants
PRODUCT:  Document containing complete list of works including quantities, quantum of work involved, time required, quality specified.

Preparation of estimates
ACTION:  Survey prevailing rates, involve project management consultants if one is appointed for the project, understand time frame required for executing such works and schedule
PRODUCT:  Document containing estimates in terms of price & time.

Preparation of tender documents
ACTION:  Prepare list of possible contractors in various categories such as Civil Works, Horticultural Works, Irrigation Works, etc., process B.O.Q and specifications created in Tender Format
PRODUCT:  Tender Documents, Advertisements if required, etc.

Assist in Tendering formalities of various contractors
ACTION:  Prepare Comparative Statements, Evaluate Tenders, background checks on contractors, Study profiles, Rank
PRODUCT: Nomination of Contractors

Recommending the contractor and Awarding contract
ACTION:  Nomination of contractors, awarding contracts, if necessary, assist client’s lawyers in formulating contract agreements, etc.
PRODUCT:  Various Contractors are in place for particular works.

Supervision of execution
ACTION:  Meeting with selected contractors, prepare time schedule for work, commence work at site
PRODUCT:  Periodic Visits to supervise work at site.
Should the project warrant a full time site supervisor then the same shall be billed on a monthly basis at mutually negotiated terms.

Bill checking and approval of bills
ACTION:  Liaison with contractor and client, inspect work done, certify bills, forward to finance departments, check costs.
PRODUCT:  Ensuring Project is on schedule and as per estimated and budgeted costs.

Liaison between contractor and client
ACTION:  Meetings with contractors and clients, incorporate changes in drawings, schedules, budgets, report on cost fluctuations, etc.
PRODUCT:  Trouble-shooting, and other important intangibles such as easy smooth functioning at Site.

Meetings with clients, contractors, consultants and other authorities
ACTION:  Liaison with various agencies – man hours for meetings.
PRODUCT:  Intangible – but significant and necessary for a successful project

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